Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tokyu 300 Series, A Descendant of the "Tamaden"

 Electric car Tokyu 300 series, 303F (blue) at Yamashita Stop

Although a modern railway system has been developed, there are still two traditional tram routes in the Tokyo metropolitan area. One of them is the Toei (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) Arakawa Line and the other is the Tokyu-Setagaya Line. Today, let me introduce you to the Tokyu-Setagaya Line, which is operated by the private railway company, Tokyu Corporation.

The Setagaya Line, connecting Sangen-jaya and Shimo-takaido (5.0km), was completed in 1925 as a branch route of the "Tamaden (Tamagawa Line)". The main route of the Tamaden, connecting Shibuya and Futako-tamagawa via Sangen-jaya, was constructed on highway Route 246. Meanwhile, the branch route was constructed as an exclusive track. Unfortunately, the main route of the Tamaden was abolished in 1969, due to heavy traffic jams. As a result, only the branch route exclusive track was left as the Setagaya Line.

The electric car 300 series on the Setagaya Line was launched in 1999. The train is articulated and composed of two cars. A total of 10 sets have been manufactured. Each set is a different color such as blue (photo at the top), light green (photo at the bottom), pink, yellow and so on. I sometimes ride on this tram and enjoy a relaxed walk at the weekend, when I stay in Japan. The tram runs leisurely through residential areas in a western suburb of Tokyo. Although the electric cars have been modernized, the atmosphere along the tram line remains the same.

The Tokyu 300 series is a true descendant of the Tamaden.

Electric car Tokyu 300 series, 304F (light green) near Yamashita Stop

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