Monday, 27 February 2012

Tokyo Station Building under Renovation

Southernmost part of Tokyo Station Building under renovation

Tokyo Station is the largest railway terminal in Japan, and was opened in 1914 as a central station of the capital city. The 20 surface and elevated tracks are used by the conventional JR and shinkansen (bullet train) lines. Meanwhile, 10 underground tracks are allocated for the conventional JR and the Tokyo Metro subway lines.

The Main Building (Marunouchi Entrance Building) is located in the western part of the station. It is red brick masonry, and appointed as an important national and cultural property.

This building, which was completed in 1914, is now under renovation which started in 2007, and will be completed mid to late this year. In addition to the railway operation facilities, a gallery, hotel and underground car parking are being constructed inside. It is said that the total construction cost is 50 billion yen (625 million US dollars).

Recently, a part of the protection cover of the building was unveiled; and a beautiful facade emerged (see the top photo). It is still a small part of the building; but it has a strong presence in the station and its surrounding area.

Furthermore, the construction and development of Tokyo Station area will continue until 2014. Currently, construction of the Yaesu Entrance side (eastern side) is also proceeding at a good rate.

My office is located on the 20th floor of a building on the Yaesu Entrance side so I can see the progress of the construction clearly from the window (see the bottom photo).

Tokyo Station is evolving toward the centenary.

Veiw of Tokyo Station including Main Building (center, red brickwork) under renovation