Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hydrangea and Preserved Romance Car in Kaisei Town

EMU Odakyu Romance Car 3100 series preserved in front of Kaisei station

Kaisei is a small town, which is located some 60km southwest of Tokyo. It takes about 70 minutes from Shinjuku, a subcenter of Tokyo, by train on the Odakyu Line. Among rail-fans, Kaisei is famous for the old Romance Car, which is preserved in front of the station. It is car number 3181 of the EMU Odakyu NSE 3100 series (see the top photo).

The 3100 series was launched in 1963 as a second-generation Romance Car fleet on the Odakyu Line. A total of 7 sets, 77 units were manufactured by Nihon Sharyo and Kawasaki Sharyo companies. The maximum speed in operation was 110km/hour; however, its designed maximum speed was 170 km/hour. The most distinctive feature of this train is that the cockpit is located upstairs, so the passengers can enjoy a front view through the wide window. As I mentioned in my blog on June 25th, 2011, the Romance car was a yearning in my childhood. Specifically, my happy memories are filled with the NSE 3100 series. I wish that this precious car will be carefully preserved forever by local people in Kaisei Town.

In the meantime, Kaisei Town is also well known for hydrangeas among flower lovers. In June, we can see the beautiful blossoms here and there. Especially, I like to view the blue and purple colored flowers surrounding rice fields, which have just been planted (see the following picture).

Enjoying hydrangea flowers and the old preserved electric car, Kaisei is a paradise for a happy weekend. 
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Hydrangea flowers and rice fields near Kaisei Station on the Odakyu Line

More information about the preserved Romance Car in Kaisei Town (in Japanese):