Sunday, 14 April 2013

Electric Car DeHa 5, Absolute Gem in the Tobu Museum

Electric car DeHa 5 (Type DeHa 1) is exhibited in the Tobu Museum

Following the American steam locomotive in the Railway Museum (see my blog on April 13th, 2013), I am going to show you the other railway heritage, an old electric car, "DeHa 5" in the Tobu Museum.

DeHa 5 (Type DeHa 1) was the first electric car on the Tobu Railway (see the top photo). It was launched in 1924 to be operated between Asakusa and Nishiarai. A total of 5 units (DeHa 1 to 5) were manufactured by Nihon Sharyo Company. But, most of the electric instruments such as the motors and the control systems were imported from the U.S. (Westinghouse Electric Corporation), because Japan didn't have a high enough level of industrial power at that time.

A slightly curved front body, five front windows, a large single rounded front light, a double roof and two large pantographs...all this is very nostalgic. The interior of the DeHa 5 is also attractive (see the following picture). Blue colored long moquette seats and large rounded room lights are very nostalgic. A brown colored wooden floor gives it a feeling of warmth. The varnished and polished floor has a nice smell. The instruments under the floor, such as the control system and the compressor are large and closely tied. The bogies are also classic. They seem heavy and staunch.

I was totally hooked on this nostalgic rolling stock. The electric car Tobu DeHa 5... it is an absolute gem in the Tobu Museum.

Interior of the electric car DeHa 5
More information about preserved rolling stocks in the Tobu Museum (in Japanese):