Thursday, 23 January 2014

Narcissus Trail on the Uchibo Line

Set number C601 of the EMU JR East 209-2100 series heads to Awa-Katsuyama Station
It is the coldest period of the year in Japan. The daytime maximum temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius; however, just outside the downtown area has already been filled with hints of spring. One of the examples is Tomiyama Narcissus Trail in Chiba Prefecture.

When I visited the trail with my family last weekend, about half of the narcissus blossoms were in bloom. They were planted in fields, slopes, riversides and house gardens. The sweet smell of the flowers attracted my family; while, I enjoyed taking flower photographs.

Tomiyama Narcissus Trail is located 70km directly southeast of downtown Tokyo, but, it is more than 120km by railway because trains have to go around the coast of Tokyo Bay. To visit there, you should take the JR East Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station and get off at Iwai Station on the Uchibo Line. It takes around two and a half hours by limited express and local trains, changing at Kisarazu Station.

The EMU 209 series is the main fleet on the Uchibo Line. It was originally debuted in Tokyo in 1993 to replace the old commuter EMU, the 103 series. The 209 series was then introduced onto the Uchibo Line in 2009 under names of the 209-2000 and the 209-2100 series after the original 209 series was renovated.

The wind was still cold, but sun was stronger than before. Spring is around the corner. I can't wait for a genial season.

In the meantime, I have linked to an informative website, Eugene's Railpictures. Please enjoy beautiful pictures and information about South African and Japanese trains.
Tomiyama Narcissus Trail near Iwai Station on the Uchibo Line
More information about the EMU JR East 209 series (in Japanese):