Sunday, 23 February 2014

Aerial Lift to the Heaven in Fujimidai-kogen

Fujimidai-kogen Ropeway (gondola lift)
After showing the freezing snow scene on the Nambu Line, I am going to show you the brisk summer scene in a highland to change the mood.

Fujimidai-kogen is located in the southwestern part of Nagano Prefecture, some 200km west of Tokyo. It is a highland area situated 1,400m up in the mountains. Because of its cool climate and beautiful scenery, a lot of holidaymakers visit there for summer.

To get to this highland, take the Fujimidai-kogen Ropeway from Achi Village. Connecting Sanroku and Sancho stations, its operating length is 2,549m. The height difference between the highest and lowest points of the route is 610m. Twelve-passenger gondolas are able to transport 2,400 passengers per hour.

This aerial lift was completed in 1996 to transport skiers in winter as well as sightseers in summer. The cable line was constructed by Nippon Cable, while the gondolas were manufactured by CWA in Switzerland. The gondola lift is powered by a 940kW electric motor.

One of the features of this aerial lift is that the passengers have to stand in the gondola. For that purpose, the ceiling of the gondola is quite high. It is said that there are only three standing-type gondola lifts in Japan.

After arriving at Sancho Station, visitors can transfer to the chairlift, which leads to the summit of the highland. When I visited there last summer, it was very clear and cool even in midsummer.

Fujimidai-kogen... it is a heaven on the earth as advertised.

Beautiful scenery of Fujimidai-kogen near Sancho Station on the Fujimidai-kogen Ropeway