Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Peach Grove on the Tobu-Nikko Line

EMU Tobu 30000 series runs on the Nikko Line near Shin-Koga Station
Following the Kofu basin, I am going to show you the other peach blossom viewing spot in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is Koga Sogo Park in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture, some 60km north of Tokyo.

Different from the Kofu basin, the peach trees in Koga Sogo Park are for ornamental use only. The flowers show a beautiful rich pink color, but the fruit is very small and inedible. I saw many people enjoying picnics under the full-bloomed trees.

To visit this gorgeous peach grove, I took a local train on the Tobu Nikko Line and got off at Shin-Koga station. The EMU 30000 series was my vehicle on the line.

The 30000 series was introduced in 1996 to replace the old EMU 10000 series. A total of 30 sets, 150 units, were manufactured between 1996 and 2003 by Alna Koki, Tokyu Sharyo and Fuji Heavy Industries. This group directly operates trains into Tokyo Metro-Hanzomon and Tokyu-Denentoshi lines. Several new devices, such as the IGBT-VVVF invertor control system, a one handle master controller, and high intensity discharge front lamps are equipped for the first time on Tobu trains.

The two large front glasses are my favorite. This front design is similar to that of the old 8000 series; however, the 30000 series is more attractive for me, because the display is installed on the "forehead" of its front mask. It is just a rail fan's obsession with train design, I am probably too picky.

Peach grove in Koga Sogo Park near Shin-Koga Station on the Tobu Nikko Line