Tuesday, 17 June 2014

EMU E127-0 Series: Train for Local Students

EMU JR East E127-0 series stands at Uchino Station on the Echigo Line
After my visit to Toki Messe, I headed to Niigata University in the western suburb of Niigata City. To get to this state university, the JR East Echigo Line is convenient from Niigata Station. It takes about 20 minutes to Uchino, the nearest station from the university.

Connecting Niigata and Kashiwazaki, the operating length of the Echigo Line is 83.8km. The track is 1,067mm single-gauge. The electric system is 1,500V DC overhead. The main users of the Echigo Line are local students, as there are many universities, colleges, private academies and high schools on the route. They are Niigata University, Nihon Dental University, Nihon Bunri High School and so on.

My vehicle was a 6-car train, the EMU JR East E127-0 series. It was launched as a standard commuter train for local cities in 1995. A total of 13 sets, 26 units are operated in the Niigata area. Currently, this model is only operated on the busy section between Niigata and Yoshida stations on the Echigo Line. For your information, their brothers, namely the EMU E127-100 series are seen in the Matsumoto area in Nagano Prefecture.

The E127-0 series fulfills its important role on the track as it is a mode of transportation for local students. Although JR East plans to introduce a new model this year, the E127-0 series will keep the main position as the main fleet on the Echigo Line.

The EMU JR East E127-0 series... keep up the good job for local students.

Side view of the Type KuMoHa E127-0 of the EMU E127 series
More information about the EMU JR East E127 series (in Japanese):