Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kiunkaku Mansion and Bagatelle Train

Set number TA-2 of the EMU Izukyu 8000 series, "Bagatelle Train", arrives at Atami Station (2012)
Atami is a famous resort city located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, some 100km west of downtown Tokyo. The name of the city, Atami, means "hot sea". Obviously, it represents the hot springs that are seen on the coast in this city.

One of the must-see spots in the city is Kiunkaku Mansion. It was
constructed in 1918 as a resort villa for Uchida Nobunari, who was Minister of Railway at that time. This villa was composed of Japanese and Western style buildings with a large garden. Currently, the site is owned by the city office and is open to the public. A traditional Japanese style room, "Kirin (giraffe)", and the attached garden is my favorite. Once sitting on the tatami (straw-mat) floor in Kirin Room, we can enjoy the relaxing garden scenery through the windows.

Speaking of Atami, I am going to show you a railway in the city. Atami is also known as a gateway city to Izu Peninsula, which is a beautiful resort area for Tokyoites. To visit this paradise, take the Izukyu Line from Atami Station.

The top photo was taken in 2012. It is set number TA-2 of the EMU Izukyu (ex-Tokyu) 8000 series standing at Atami Station. It was a poster train to promote sightseers to Kawazu Bagatelle Park (a reputable rose garden) on the Izukyu Line. I liked this coloring design, especially the beautifully designed pencil stripes and rose blossoms on the body.

A trip to Atami is interesting all the way through.

Kiunkaku Mansion near Atami Station