Thursday, 30 October 2014

Aerial Tramway to Mt. Yahiko

Gondola number 1 (Umihiko) of Yahiko-yama Ropeway in Niigata Prefecture
Let me start where I left off last time.

After visiting Yahiko Shrine, many worshippers and sightseers head to Mt. Yahiko, which stands against the shrine. The easiest way to get to the summit is to use a gondola called Yahiko-yama Ropeway.

Yahiko-yama Ropeway is an aerial tramway, which was opened in 1958. Connecting Sanroku (foot of the mountain) and Sancho (summit) stations, the total route length is 981 m. The height difference between the highest and lowest points of the route is 450 m. The gondola is operated every 15 minutes with an operating speed of 3.71 m per second. It takes about 5 minutes from Sanroku to Sancho Station.

The two gondolas, namely Yamahiko (number 1) and Umihiko (number 2), hold up to 35 passengers each. The two current gondolas were manufactured by Kinki Sharyo in 1990. The cream-colored body with green and orange colored stripes is vivid and my favorite.

The summit of Mt. Yahiko, which rises 634 m out of the sea, is a gorgeous scenic spot. Visitors can see boundless expanse of the Sea of Japan, Niigata Plain and Sado Island, but it is said that the most beautiful scene at this spot is the sunset over the Sea of Japan. I couldn't see the sunset, as it was cloudy when I visited there recently. We, Japanese, think that it is because of our everyday behavior.

I am going to live right and visit Mt. Yahiko again.

Scenic view from Mt. Yahiko