Thursday, 16 October 2014

Old Monorail Train from Danish Rail-fan's Photo Album

EMU Tokyo Monorail 700/800 series leaves Tennoz Isle Station (1996)
Photo: Nicolai Okkels
Following the EMU Keikyu ex-1000 series and the JR East 253 series, I am going to show you the other old train picture from a Danish rail-fan's photo album.

The Haneda Airport Line of Tokyo Monorail Company is the second oldest monorail route in Tokyo. To be technically accurate, the Haneda Airport Line is "the oldest straddle-beam system monorail route" in Tokyo. It was opened between Hamamatsu-cho on the JNR (present JR East) Yamanote Line and Haneda Airport in 1964 as an airport access route from downtown Tokyo to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda).

The EMU 700/800 series was launched in 1982 as the first air-conditioned cars on the line. A total of 19 units had been manufactured for five years by Hitachi. The body was made of aluminium alloy for weight saving. The specifications were just standard at the time, as it had traditional DC motors with a rheostatic control system.

The top photo was probably taken near Tennozu Isle Station in the mid-1990s. A 6 car southbound train was leaving the station and heading to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda). The design was rather old, but the red-colored body with a white stripe is my favorite. This classic coloring has recently been revived as a special train on the Haneda Line. The EMU 700/800 series was retired from the track in 1998 to be replaced by a new model, the EMU 2000 series.

Thank you again Nicolai-san for providing this blog with your precious train photograph.
EMU Tokyo Monorail 2000 series approaches Ooi-keibajo-mae Station (2014)
More information about the EMU Tokyo Monorail 2000 series (in Japanese):