Saturday, 6 June 2015

Reunion with Copper Pheasant

Logo of "Yamadori", set number YD1 of the EMU JR East 485 series

Yamadori (copper pheasant or mountain bird) is an endemic species in Japan. It is said that we can see this precious bird in the mountains, but I have only seen it in a zoo. It was a very beautiful bird with a red colored face and was larger than I thought.

The train named Yamadori is also precious. We seldom see it on the track. Yamadori, set number YD01 of the EMU 485 series, is a JR East's leisure train modified from a standard 485 series in 2011. As a leisure train, Yamadori has a play room for kids and a view room in the first car. Although it doesn't have Green Cars (1st class cars), the cross seats are very spacious with a 2+1 configuration. I have ridden it before, but it was in 2012, three years ago.

When I visited Utsunomiya City last month, I came across this precious train for the first time in long time. It was stood in Utsunomiya Station yard in the afternoon sunlight... very beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn't see its "face" as the other train blocked the view. Instead, I shot its side view and the logo on the train body. As it turned out, Yamadori was commissioned as a special train between the Tokyo Metropolis and Nasu highland resort that day. It was a round trip, so, Yamadori was taking a rest in preparation for its return trip, when I met him (her).

Yamadori... long time no see. How are things?

Side view of set number YD1, the EMU JR East 485 series, "Yamadori" at Utsunomiya Station yard
More information about set number YD1 of the EMU JR East 485 series, "Yamadori" (in Japanese):