Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Keikyu Wing: Relaxing Train to the Yoko-Yoko Area

EMU Keikyu 2100 series, "Keikyu Wing", arrives at Kami-Ooka Station

Keikyu Wing is a similar train with Tobu TJ Liner. The concept of this train is "guarantee of seats for long distance commuters". Japanese businessmen and businesswomen in the cities are very busy. They sometimes need something as a treat for themselves, but their journeys home are hard, because urban commuter trains are packed on most of the lines. There is a greater need from long distance commuters for reserved seats. Keikyu Wing with reserved seats provides comfortable traveling by charging a small additional fee.

Keikyu Wing is operated every 20 minutes in the evening as a southbound train. Connecting Shinagawa, a subcenter of Tokyo, and Misakiguchi in Kanagawa Prefecture, its operating length is 65.7 km. Anyone, who pays an additional 200 yen, can enjoy comfortable traveling. It is specifically convenient for commuters who live in the Yoko-Yoko (Yokohama-Yokosuka) area.

The vehicle for Keikyu Wing is an 8-car train, the EMU 2100 series, which debuted in 2008. A total of 6 sets, 60 units, have been manufactured so far by Hitachi. One of the features of this train is its comfortable cross seats with 2+2 configuration. Riding on Keikyu Wing, passengers are just relaxed and enjoy reading or listening to music, while having a soft drink.Taking the Keikyu Wing on the way home...it's a "petit-zeitaku" (small luxury and gratification) for urban commuters. You did a good job today. Have a good sleep at home tonight.

Interior of the EMU Keikyu 2100 series, "Keikyu Wing"
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