Saturday, 3 October 2015

EMU 6000 Series: New Climber in Kobe City

EMU Shintetsu 6000 series arrives at Maruyama Station

Kobe Electric Railway (Shintetsu) has a 70 km-long network in the Rokko mountain area. Its route has many steep sections. Their rolling stock must have special equipment to climb up the steep tracks. Following "the expert climber", EMU 1100 series, I am going to introduce you to the new climber, EMU 6000 series, today.

The 6000 series debuted in 2008. A total of 2 sets, 8 units have been built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It is a 4-car train composed of all motor cars to climb up the steep track. A regenerative brake system is equipped. The 6000 series is known as Shintetsu's first stainless-steel train. I like this modern body design, but the nostalgic design of the expert climber, 1100 series, is also my favorite.

On June 9th, Shintetsu gave a press release announcing that the new model, 6500 series will be launched in spring of the year 2016. The purpose of the introduction of the new model is to replace the old model, 1000 series. The outer design of the 6500 series is the same as that of the 6000 series, however, the 6500 series will be a 3-car train with two motor cars. It will be equipped with the new VVVF electric control (variable frequency drive) system using new semiconductor devices.

Shintetsu's main train fleet was built during the so-called rapid growth years of Japan's economic boom in the 1960's and 1970's. Currently, Shintetsu has a hard time with the transition of their rolling stock to the next generation.

EMU Shintetsu 6000 series stands at Maruyama Station