Friday, 25 December 2015

Sendai Airport Transit: Access to the Green City

EMU SAT 721 series stands at Sendai Station
Sendai is the largest city in the Tohoku District, some 350 km north of Tokyo. It has a population of 1.05 million. JR East's Tohoku Shinkansen is the most convenient transportation from Tokyo to this large city, but an airplane must be more convenient from other areas such as Osaka, Fukuoka and Sapporo.

Sendai Airport is located 17 km south of the city center. If you arrive at Sendai Airport, you can access the downtown area by train, called Sendai Airport Access Railway. This railway consists of two sections. One of them is Sendai Airport Line of Sendai Airport Transit (SAT). The other is a part of JR East's Tohoku Main Line. The tracks are both electrified (20,000 V AC – 50Hz). The gauge size is 1,067mm, and the Sendai Airport Line is single, but the Tohoku Main Line is double. Both SAT and JR East operate their own trains alternately every half an hour on average.

SAT operates the EMU 721 series on this route. It is a sister train of the JR East E721 series. The SAT 721 series was launched in 2007, when the Sendai Airport Line was opened. Its sky blue colored body with a yellow stripe is vivid and is my favorite.

In the meantime, Sendai is known as the Green City. It is densely populated, but many green forests are preserved here and there. Zelkova tree-lined streets such as Jozenji and Aoba are also reputable and famous among Japanese people.
Scenic view of Sendai City near Sendai Station
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