Wednesday, 13 January 2016

EMU 800 Series for the 800th Post

EMU Keihan 800 series travels on the Keishin Line

Thank you for visiting Tokyo Railway Labyrinth. This is the 800th post in my blog. I hope that people all over the world will continue to enjoy my blog. In commemoration of the "800th" post, I am going to show you a train with the number "800" in the name. Is it a bit of a stretch?

The EMU Keihan 800 series is a small-sized train on the Keishin Line. It was launched in 1997, when the voltage of the Keishin Line was raised from 600 to 1,500 V DC. At the same time, the Keishin Line trains started to operate into the Kyoto municipal subway. A total of 8 sets, 32 units have been built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The Keishin Line track is double and the gauge size is 1,435mm.

It is said that the 800 series is Japan's most expensive train per unit length, because this train has a lot of functions. For instance, it is operated like a streetcar on the combined track near Hamaootsu Station. The 800 series then operated like a mountain railway on the section between Ootani and Kamisakaemachi station, as it has a steep incline of 61 per mil. Eventually, this train is operated as a subway train in the downtown Kyoto area. It is very unique, and attractive for rail fans. Its light blue-coloured body with a yellow stripe is cute and beautiful. The EMU Keihan 800 series is a must-ride train in Kyoto City.

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EMU Keihan 800 series leaves Keihan-Yamashina Station on the Keishin Line

Official information about the EMU Keihan 800 series (in Japanese):