Tuesday, 19 January 2016

EMU 8013F: Revival Colour on the Keio Line

EMU Keio 8013F of the 8000 series passes through Hachiman-yama Station
As I reported before, Keio Electric Railway has renovated its Takao-sanguchi Terminal to promote tourism to Mt. Takao, which was granted the highest rank of three stars in the Michelin Voyager Pratique issued in 2007. Following the station renovation, Keio launched a special poster train, 8013F of the EMU 8000 series, on September 30th, 2015. It is also a promotion for sightseeing to Mt. Takao.

Why is this poster train painted a green colour? It is because the green colour symbolizes the forest of Mt. Takao. The other reason is the revival of Keio's old train. According to the company's official announcement, the body colour of the 8013F has been taken from the EMU 2000 series. It was launched in 1957, and retired from the Keio Line in 1983. The 2000 series had a steel body with a green colour. Even now, you can still see it in Keio Rail-Land near Tama Zoological Park Station, since one unit of the 2000 series is preserved as an exhibition.

By the way, I found a pentagonal plate on the front of 8013F. What is it? It is a signboard used for an advertisement of the hot spring in the Takao-sanguchi station yard. Keio recently drilled a well in the station yard, and found a hot water bed in the subsurface. The hot spring will provide hikers, who enjoy strolling in the forest of Mt. Takao all day long, with the ultimate relaxation.

Unit number 2015 of the EMU Keio 2000 series (Type 2010) is preserved in Keio Rail-Land