Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Toei 6191: Preserved Streetcar in Fuchu City

Electric car Toei 6191 is preserved in the Traffic Park in Fuchu city

As you may know, Tokyo once had a 181 km-long extensive tram network, which functioned as commuter transportation arteries in the mega-city. Time has passed and most routes have already been abolished due to heavy traffic jams.

To learn the history of trams in Tokyo, the best way is to see the preserved streetcars. For instance, the Toei (the Transportation Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) 6000 series is perfect. The 6000 series was launched in 1947 as the first model after WWII. During the war, a total of 600 carriages of streetcars were lost by air raids. Supplies of new trams were essential for commuter transportation in Tokyo at that time. The 6000 series is a 12m-long street car for the 600 V DC electric system. A total of 290 carriages have been built by Nippon Sharyo and the other manufacturers, but currently, only six carriages are preserved in a depot, a kindergarten and public parks. They are unit number, 6063, 6080, 6086, 6159, 6162 and 6191.

Unit number 6191 is preserved in the Traffic Park of Fuchu City. The 6191 was built in 1950 by Nippon Sharyo. It was retired from the track in 1978, and brought to the park in 1981 for preservation. Since then, the 6191 has been maintained in good conditions by local rail-fans. The classic three front windows and a large single rounded front light is my favorite.

The preserved 6000 series streetcar... it is a witness of the glorious tram history in Tokyo.

Side view of Toei 6191