Monday, 5 December 2016

C-Train 2300 Series: Siemens's Next Generation Model

Calgary Transit 2300 series leaves Brentwood Station on the Route 201 (November, 2011)

December is the month of house cleaning in Japan. It means that we refresh ourselves towards New Year's Day. I have just started the cleaning from my hard disk (not my house!) to arrange my huge amount of photographs, and found that some old photographs are worth showing in this blog. Let's get started from a tram in Canada.

C-Train is known as one of the most successful light rail transit (LRT) systems in North America. It has been operated by Calgary Transit since 1981. Currently, the total operating length reaches 59.9 km. The track is double. The electric system is 600 V DC overhead. The gauge size is 1,435 mm.

Along with the 2000 and 2200 series, the 2300 series is the C-Train's representative model. It is Siemens SD-160NG, which debuted in 2010 to provide for the future extension of C-Train routes. So far, a total of 38 units have been built in Sacrament LRV Factory. The 2300 series is a 24.8 m-long 2-car train with an articulated truck in the center. Each set is equipped with two power trucks. It is powered by four induction motors, which provide a maximum of 580 kW. The 2300 series looks like just a streetcar, but can be amazingly operated at the maximum speed of 80 km/hour. The electric control system is VVVF (variable voltage and variable frequency) inverter.

A small front right on the forehead of the 2300 series is my favorite. It is a good accent of this model.

Calgary Transit 2300 series travels on the downtown section (November, 2011)