Monday, 26 December 2016

EF59 1: Old Sherpa on the Sanyo Main Line

Top number unit of the EL class EF 59 (December, 2011)

Following the C-Train 2300 series, I am going to show you the other excavated photos from my hard disk.

The electric locomotive (EL), class EF59, was a specialist on the Sanyo Main Line of ex-Japanese National Railways (JNR). It was launched in 1964 to replace the old steam locomotives, class D52. It was a pusher for the trains climbing up the slope track between Seno and Happonmatsu, about 920 km west of Tokyo. A total of 24 units were built in JNR Takatori Factory reusing the parts of the retired ELs, such as the class EF53 and the class EF56.

EF59 1 is the top number unit of the class EF59. It was a direct current EL, remodeled from EF53 8 in 1963. It had been challenging a 22.5 per mil of the steep track for 22 years. Many kinds of trains, such as limited express, local and freight trains, had been supported by his six DC motors. Its total rated output is 1,350 kW. The axis arrangement is 2Co+Co2 (UIC notation). The gauge size is 1,067 mm. The mechanism for transmitting power is a simple nose suspension drive.

Currently, EF 59 1 is preserved and exhibited in Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park in Gumma Prefecture, some 130 km north of Tokyo. It looks just functional, but is very cool, if you look closely. The simplicity may parallel the elegance of design.

EF59 1... it is a fine-looking old sherpa on the Sanyo Main Line.

Usui Pass Railwy Heritage Park (December, 2011)