Thursday, 21 December 2017

Modern LRV in the Traditional Local City

Streetcar MLRV 1000 series travels on the Manyo Line

As I posted before, Takaoka is a local city in Toyama Prefecture, about 400 km northwest of Tokyo. It was opened as a capital city of Etchu Province in the early 8th century. Takaoka then became a castle city in 1609, built by Maeda Toshinaga. Although the castle was abandoned later, Takaoka City could survive as a city of commerce and industry. Bronze and lacquer wares are still famous local products in the city.

Takaoka has a unique tram route named the Manyo Line. The Manyo Line used to be composed of two different lines. The western half was named the Takaoka Tram Line, whereas the eastern half was the Shinminatokou Line. These two lines were then spliced as the Manyo Line in 2002 by a newly established Manyo-sen Company. The direct operation between the two sections started that year. Its total route length is 12.9 km.

Along with the classic street car De 7070 series, the modern LRT (Light Rail Transit), the MLRV 1000 series, is a main fleet on the Manyo Line. The MLRV 1000 series was launched in 2004 to replace old models such as the De 7000 and the De 7060 series. A total of 6 sets were built by Niigata Transys until 2009. It has articulated bodies with two bogies. I like to see the red colored MLRV 1000 series crossing Shokawa River in the sun. It is very beautiful against the blue sky and the indigo colored Sea of Japan.

Streetcar MLRV 1000 series passes through Shokawa Bridge

Official information about  Manyosen (the Manyo Line) in Japanese: