Sunday, 20 May 2018

Peony Garden on the Tobu Line

EMU Tobu 20000 series arrives at Nishiarai station on the Tobu line

After admiring beautiful wisteria trellis at Nishiarai-daishi temple, we moved to the peony garden in the same temple. Peony flowers of Nishiarai-daishi temple are more reputable than those of the wisteria trellis. We again enjoyed beautiful flowers there. Specifically, my favorite ones were large pure-white colored peony flowers. The language of peony flowers is bashfulness or compassion; however, I think that it should be noble.

On the way to Nishiarai-daishi temple, I also enjoyed the trains on the Tobu line. The EMU 20000 series is one of my favorite ones. This model was launched in 1988. A total of 24 sets, 192 units, were built by Tokyu Sharyo and Alna Sharyo. The 20000 series is commissioned for direct operation between the Tobu and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya lines.

The Tobu 20000 series will be soon replaced by a new model named the EMU 70000 series. This changing of rolling stock was caused by the construction plan of automatic platform gates on the Tobu and Hibiya lines. For installation of automatic platform gates, all the trains on both routes should have the same size and the same number of doors. The 20000 series has 18 m-long bodies with 6 or 10 doors per car; while the new 70000 series has 20 m-long bodies with 8 doors per car, which is the same size and number of doors as that of the other trains on the Tobu lines.

Please ride on the 20000 series and take pictures before it is too late.

Peony garden near Daishimae station on the Tobu line