Thursday, 11 June 2020

EMU 1300 Series Celebrating the 1300th Post

1302F (set 1302) of the EMU Izu-Hakone 1300 series stands at Mishima terminal

Thank you for visiting my blog, Tokyo Railway Labyrinth. This is the 1300th post since April 2011. I received a lot of emails from my blog readers, but sorry, I recently can't reply at all, because I have lots of work to do. Please wait until I can make time. I hope that people all over the world will continue to enjoy Japanese railways and its related facilities, events and sightseeing spots in this blog. In commemoration of the "1300th" post, I'm going to show you a train with the number "1300" in its name. Is it a bit of a stretch?

The EMU 1300 series is a commuter train on the Sunzu line of Izu-Hakone Railway. It was originally built by Tokyu Sharyo in 1979, under the name of the EMU Seibu 101 series. 2 sets (6 cars) of the 101 series were, then, transferred to the Sunzu line of Izu-Hakone Railway in 2008 having changed their name to the EMU 1300 series. Among the 2 sets of the 1300 series, set 1302 has white-color bodies with dark blue-color stripes. It's a standard colored train on the Sunzu line. On the other hand, set 1301 returned its body color to yellow in 2016. It's the original color in the Seibu era. Izu-Hakone Railway calls it the Yellow Paradise Train.

For your information, the Sunzu line is a local route in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture. Its Mishima terminal is known as a junction station on the JR Central Tokaido Shinkansen.

1301F (left) and 1302F (right) of the EMU 1300 series stand at Shuzenji terminal

Official information about the trains on the Sunzu line (in Japanese):