Monday, 22 February 2021

Nostalgic Commuter Train on the Nara Line

EMU JR West 500 series stands at Kyoto station on the Nara line
When I visited Kyoto City last year, I came across an old commuter train in Kyoto station. It's a nostalgic model, the EMU JR West 205 series on the Nara line. The 205 series is 1,067 millimeter-gauge and 1,500 V DC EMU, which was launched by the Japanese National Railways (JNR) in 1985. It has been widely operated on the urban routes in Japan. This model has a stainless steel body and DC motors with a resistor control system. 1,461 units in total were built from 1985 to 1994.

Nearly four decades have passed since the 205 series debuted. JNR was split into seven railways companies such as JR East and JR West in 1987. New companies uniquely have been introducing new trains.

It's time for the 205 series to retire specifically in the JR East area. Many units have already been dismantled. The remaining units have been modified and moved to the local areas and overseas namely Indonesia. On the other hand, the 205 series is still active in the JR West area. For example, 9 sets, 36 units of the 205 series, are operated on the Nara line. It has gabled stainless steel bodies with a light blue colored stripe. As a rail fan, it's exciting to see the old 205 series in the JR West area. Along with the EMU 103 series, the 205 series is the evergreen commuter train in the JR West area. The JR West EMU 205 series... take care yourself. Until next time.

EMU JR West 500 series  arrives at Kyoto terminal