Thursday, 7 April 2011

City of Labyrinth

Subway route map at Nezu Station, Tokyo Metro (English Version)


I am a Japanese railfan, now residing in Indonesia. I am posting my blog under the name “Yopie” to introduce you to railways in Tokyo, my hometown.

As you are aware, my home country, Japan has been facing difficulties, including tsunami and nuclear power plant disasters that followed a giant earthquake. Japan seems temporally lost now.

However, Japan is potentially vigorous. For example, look at the frequently operated commuter trains in Tokyo. Nearly 10 million people use them every day! Tokyo is ranked as one of the world's most complete railway network cities. You can see a complicated subway route map at Nezu station, Tokyo Metro (photo at the top). Many other public authorities and private companies also have labyrinthine railway networks overlapping subway lines.

The photo at the bottom is a railway tariff map of JR East at Kichijoji station. JR East is another giant transporter in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The railway lines stretch in a finely meshed pattern.

I was born in Tokyo and brought up there, but, I still can’t get on and transfer trains in Tokyo precisely, because the railway network is too complicated. I really appreciate these kinds of colorful railway maps, when I visit unfamiliar places in Tokyo.

From next time, let me introduce you to railways in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
 Railway tariff map of the Tokyo metropolitan area at Kichijoji Station, JR East
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