Sunday, 4 September 2011

"Petit-zeitaku" on the Way Home

EMU Odakyu "Romance Car" MSE 60000 series near Sobudaimae Station

It was a fraught day today. I worked hard and left my office in a state of complete burnout. So, I needed something as a treat for myself. So, I took the “Romance Car” to go back home!

As I introduced in June 25th’s article, Odakyu Railway Company and Tokyo Metro jointly operate the express train, “Romance Car” from the city center to western suburbs of Tokyo during the evening. The train leaves Kitasenju (a northern terminal), and picks up the passengers at Otemachi (a business center), Kasumigaseki (a civic center), Omotesando (a high-fashion area). Then, the train picks up the pace and takes the commuters directly to their residential quarters.

The two companies launched the newest “Romance Car”, EMU MSE 60000 series (see the top photo), in 2008 for the direct operation between the Tokyo Metro-Chiyoda Line and the Odakyu Line. The train body is a metallic blue color with red and white stripes, and it is composed of 6 or 10 cars. Timbers are heavily used for the interior, such as the passenger seats and the walls (see the bottom photo). It offers the passengers peace and comfort.

Although it costs “one-coin” for a seat reservation, taking the Romance Car is the best remedy for weary businessmen and women. So, I also sometimes use this train on the way home. In the Romance Car, I am just relaxed and enjoy reading or listening music with my “WALKMAN”, while having a soft drink.

Taking the Romance Car on the way home…it’s a “Petit-zeitaku” (small luxury and gratification) for Tokyoites, isn’t it?

Interior of EMU MSE 60000 series, Odakyu "Romance Car"

More information about EMU Odakyu "Romance Car" 60000 series (MSE):