Sunday, 20 November 2011

Visit to Cosmos Field on the JR East Yokosuka Line

EMU JR East E217 series at Nishi-Ooi Station, the Yokosuka Line

I visited a vast cosmos field again. This time, I took the JR East Yokosuka Line and headed south.

The Yokosuka Line was initially opened in 1889. Officially, the name Yokosuka Line is defined as the section between Kurihama and Ofuna stations (23.9km), but the passenger service of this line usually extends to Tokyo Station (a total of 73.3km length) or further.

The blue and cream colored train, EMU 217 series is operated on this line. The blue and cream body color has been a tradition of trains on the Yokosuka Line since 1951, when the EMU 70 series train was launched. It is said that the Pacific Ocean is represented by the blue color, whilst the sandy beaches along the line are represented by the cream color.

After arriving at the Kurihama terminal, I visited "Kurihama Hana no Kuni" (Kurihama Flower World) to view a large community of cosmos. Although some areas had been ruined by the typhoon, which hit the Tokyo metropolitan area in September, a narrow valley was filled with a carpet of cosmos flowers (see the bottom photo).

Another attractive spot in this area is "Ashi-yu" (foot bath) adjacent to a herb garden. Visitors can enjoy bathing their feet in a herb-treated hot water tub. I felt the warmth starting from my feet and spreading throughout my body.

For your information, admission to the Flower World, the herb garden and the foot bath are all free. Thank you.

Cosmos Field in Kurihama Flower World