Friday, 8 July 2016

EMU 2000 Series: Keikyu’s Great Cars of Yesteryear

EMU Keikyu 2000 series passes through Hacchonawate Station

The EMU Keikyu 2000 series is one of the popular trains among rail-fans. It was launched in 1982, replacing the old limited express model, the 600 series. A total of 12 sets, 72 units have been built by Tokyu Sharyo and Kawasaki Heavy Industries for 6 years. The 2000 series is a 4 or 8-car train, for 1,500 V DC and 1,435 mm standard gauge size tracks. Its red body is vivid and my favorite. The growing sound of its DC motors is exciting. The 2000 series won the 1983 Blue Ribbon Prize by Japan Rail-fan Club as the best train that debuted in 1982.

This reputable model has been operated as the limited express train on the Keikyu Line, but it was converted to standard commuter trains in 2000, as the new limited express model, the EMU 2100 series, debuted. The number of doors had increased from four to six per car. The cross seats had also been changed to long ones.

The 2000 series then started to retire from the track in 2012. So far, a total of 6 sets, 28 units have already disappeared. That is the flow of the times. Nobody can struggle against advancing age. Currently, the 2000 series is often used as airport access trains operated between Shin-Zushi and Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal. It is convenient for passengers who live in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The EMU 2000 series... the great cars of yesteryear are showing the last flickering of stage lights before they burn out.

EMU Keikyu 2000 series stands at Kanagawa-shinmachi Station

Official information about the Keikyu trains (in Japanese):