Sunday, 10 June 2012

Corn Poppy Field on the Chichibu Railway

Classic EMU Chichibu 6000 (ex-Seibu 101) series passes through Oyahana Station

Early June is an off-flowers season in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Late spring blossoms such as azalea and rose have already fallen, meanwhile early summer flowers such as hydrangea and iris haven't been seen yet.

But, don't give up so fast. We still have an opportunity to view a field of beautiful flowers. That is a corn poppy field in the Chichibu region, which is located 70km northwest of downtown Tokyo. It is a quiet suburban area within the Chichibu Mountains.

The corn poppy field is situated as a part of Chichibu Highland Ranch. We can see a vast carpet of flowers on the top of a hill. Red, vermilion and pink colored blossoms stretch along the ridge to the vanishing point (see the following picture).

To visit this colorful corn poppy field, take the Chichibu Railway and get off at Oyahana Station in Minano Town. As I mentioned in my blog on August 1st, 2011, this local railway firm cherishes second-hand trains that were renovated after acquiring them from major railway companies, such as JR East, Tokyu and Seibu. Chichibu Railway is often compared to the railway museum.

The top photo is an example of second hand trains, the EMU 6000 series, which is an ex-Seibu 101 series. It has been operating on the Chichibu Railway since 2006. I like this nostalgic face with two large windows very much.

Enjoying a local railway and visiting a beautiful flower field in the weekend, that's what's keeping me going.

Corn poppy field in the Chichibu highland ranch near Oyahana Station, Chichibu Railway