Sunday, 18 November 2012

Irodori 485-N201, Sharp-eyed "Freeza" Train

N201 set of the EMU JR East 485 series, "Irodori" arrives at Katsunuma-budokyo Station

Do you know there are many leisure trains in Japan? One of the examples is "Yufuin-no- mori" of JR Kyushu (see my blog on May 7th, 2011), meanwhile a small company, Watarase Valley Railway, has an open-air train "Torokko Wasshi" for sightseers (see my blog on September 10th, 2012).

The giant, JR East also owns several leisure trains. I am going to show one of them here. That is "Irodori"; N201 of the EMU 485 series (see the photos).

Irodori (Color) is an all green-car train. It means that the 6-car train is composed of the first class car only. Actually, Irodori lives up to its name. The body of the train is very colorful. They are lilac (car number 1 and 5), dark yellow (car number 2), pinkish beige (car number 3 and 6) and light blue (car number 4). The interior is also rich in variety. Car number 1 and 6 are 2+1 cross seat cars. By contrast, car number 2, 3 and 5 are compartment cars. A large salon is provided in car number 4. A massage chair and an audio instrument are also installed.

In the meantime, Japanese rail-fans call this train "Freeza", because the face of the train resembles the famous cartoon character, Freeza in Dragon Ball. Most notably, the "sharp-eyed" front lights are awfully similar to the eyes of Freeza.

Do I like this face? Not really, to be honest, but it's very unique, isn't it?

N201 set of the EMU JR East 485 series, "Irodori" stands at Hachioji Station on the Chuo Line