Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sister Museum Partnership with NRM York, UK

C57 135 with a commemorative plate of "Museum Partnership" between the NRM and the Teppaku

Happy New Year! The year 2013 has begun. At the opening of New Year, I am going to bring you some glad news.

On December 19th, the Railway Museum in Saitama Prefecture (Teppaku) established a partnership with the National Railway Museum in York, UK (NRM York). The two museums will work together on the preservation of showpieces and the technology of interactive exhibits such as driving simulators and so on.

The NRM York is the largest railway museum in the world. It has 85 years history and one million exhibits. Specifically, the world's fastest steam locomotive, LNER Class A4 4468, "Mallard" is very famous among Japanese rail fans. It ran to a world record of 203km per hour in 1938.

On the other hand, Teppaku was originally opened as the Transportation Museum by the Japanese government in downtown Tokyo in 1936. This museum was closed in 2006 due to the aging of its facilities; but, most of its showpieces moved to the newly-opened Railway Museum (Teppaku) in 2007.

In commemoration of the above partnership, a special photo exhibition on the NRM York is being held in Teppaku. In addition, I found a special commemorative sign board, "Sister Museum Partnership, The National Railway Museum, York, UK and The Railway Museum, Saitama, Japan" on the front of C57 135 steam locomotive (see the top photo).

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I show another exhibit in Teppaku, the electric locomotive ED17 1 (ex-ED50 1), which was imported from the UK in 1923 (see the following photo). It is also described as a "Crocodile" because of its appearance.

Congratulations on the sister partnership!

Electric locomotive ED17 1 (ex ED50 1), imported from UK in 1923
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