Friday, 26 April 2013

The Shortest Subway Line in Tokyo

EMU Tokyo Metro 5000 series arrives at Ayase Station on the Kita-Ayase Branch Line

I assumed that I had already introduced all of the labyrinthine subway routes in Tokyo in my blog; but, there are some left. Today, I am going to show you the shortest subway route in Tokyo... the Kita-Ayase Branch Line.

As its name suggests, Kita-Ayase Branch Line is a feeder route of the Chiyoda Line, which is one of the main lines operated by Tokyo Metro. Connecting Ayase on the Chiyoda Line and Kita-Ayase near Ayase Rail Yard, the total operating length is only 2.1km. The entire route is an electrified double track. Three car trains are operated every 15 minutes on average.

The rolling stock on duty on the line is the EMU 6000 and 5000 series (see the top photo). The 5000 series is a rather old EMU that was manufactured in 1967. A total of two sets, six units are still operated on the line. All of them are made of aluminum. For your information, sisters of the 5000 series (stainless-steel cars) are also operated in Jakarta Indonesia, after retirement from Tokyo Metro in 2007 (see my blog on May 27th, 2011).

As it is a short local line, the conductor is not on board the train. The driver operates the passenger doors. To prevent passengers from falling off the platform edge, automatic platform gates are equipped at the stations (see the following picture).

The Kita-Ayase Branch Line... it is an urban local line in downtown Tokyo.

Automatic platform gates to prevent passengers from falling off the platform edge at Ayase Station