Tuesday, 10 September 2013

EMU Tokyu 9000 Series: Update

EMU Tokyu 9000 series arrives at Jiyugaoka Station on the Ooimachi Line

Tokyu is a major private railway company in the Tokyo metropolitan area. They have a labyrinthine railway network in the southwestern part of Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. Tokyu has been in a stable business position as the king of private railway companies in Tokyo; however, they can no longer rest on their laurels as the railway business in Tokyo has become very competitive in recent years.

Tokyu's new strategy is clear... "reorganization of the railway network" to secure passengers from an extensive region. For instance, the Tokyu-Toyoko Line was connected with the Tokyo Metro-Fukutoshin Line at Shibuya Terminal on March 16th this year. As a result, direct operations between Toyoko, Tokyo Metro, Tobu and Seibu lines were started. Tokyu expects a new flow of people from Tokyo Metro, Tobu and Seibu lines to the Toyoko Line, where Tokyu have many commercial facilities such as shopping malls, department stores and theaters.

What results have Tokyu had after reorganization of the line network? I don't care about their business, but I am getting worried about the trains. For instance, the EMU 9000 series has disappeared from the Toyoko Line. The 9000 series has been cut from eight-car to five-car trains, but still survives on the Ooimachi Line. It is good news for me, as the 9000 series is one of my favorite trains in Tokyo.

For the time being, I will be able to enjoy the distinctive groaning modulated sound being generated from the VVVF control system on the EMU 9000 series.

EMU Tokyu 9000 series arrives at Mizonokuchi Station on the Denentoshi Line