Sunday, 29 December 2013

At the End of Mt. Fuji Year

EMU Fujikyu 1000 series, "Fuji-Tozan Densha" stands at Ootsuki Station

Only two days are left in 2013. People in Tokyo are rushing all the time to complete their work and meet their year-end deadline.

2013 was the year of Mt. Fuji in Japan. As I mentioned before, Mt. Fuji was added to the UNESCO list of the World Heritage sites on June 22nd this year. Taking this opportunity, many industries, such as hotels and tourism businesses, are exploring new business opportunities. Fujikyu Corporation is no exception.

Fujikyu is a small private railway company at the foot of Mt. Fuji. It had a rare opportunity to expand its business this year. The share price of Fujikyu in the Tokyo Stock Exchange hit its highest price since 1990 this year. As you may know, 1990 was the peak of the "bubble economy" in Japan.

One of the reputable trains on the Fujikyu Line is "Fuji Tozan Densha", unit number MoHa1205 (Aka-Fuji) and MoHa1305 (Ao-Fuji) of the EMU 1200 series (ex-Keio 5000 series). The interior of this train looks like a living room. There are even bookshelves and showcases. During the trip, passengers can fully enjoy this "living room", and relax as if they are at home.

In the meantime, I am going to show you an evening view of the Kofu Basin backed by Mt. Fuji at the year end. It was beautifully illuminated under the clear winter sky. 2013 was indeed the year of Mt. Fuji.
Sunset view of Kofu Basin backed by Mt. Fuji