Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tokyo Night Walk: Year-end Sunset on the Odakyu Line

EMU Odakyu 3000 series stands at Kyodo Station
Only one day is now left in 2013. I left to go shopping at a nearby station area for some New Year food. I also enjoyed a stroll while I was out. After the shopping, I headed up to the rooftop garden of Kyodo Station Building to see the sunset in the western sky. The garden was ornamented with winter illuminations. Numerous LED lights were shining white, green, and pink colored.

It was winter twilight. I could see the beautiful bright colors of the sunset in the western heavens; meanwhile, it was deep ultramarine colored at the zenith. The winter sky was cool and clear. Faraway mountains, such as Fuji and Tanzawa, could be seen backed by the sunset glow.

When I arrived at the platform of Kyodo Station to go back home, an eastbound local train, EMU Odakyu 3000 series, was standing at track number 3. The 3000 was a train for my everyday use. Although it was just a standard commuter train with no character, it looked especially good that evening, shining under the station illuminations. The New Year vacation gave me an extraordinary feeling.

The 3000 series was launched in 2001 to replace the old trains, and reinforce the fleet of Odakyu commuter trains. A total of 47 sets, 332 units have been manufactured so far by Nippon Sharyo, Tokyu Sharyo, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The pure electrical brake system was adopted for the leading model of Odakyu Electric Railway.
Sunset view from Kyodo Station Building on the Odakyu-Odawara Line