Friday, 29 May 2015

The Last of Keisei AE100 Series

EMU Keisei AE100 series, "City Liner", passess through Senju-oohashi Station

Keisei is one of the private railway companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The railway network consists of the main line and the other feeder routes, extending to the eastern part of Tokyo and northern Chiba Prefecture. The gauge size is 1,435mm and the electric system is 1,500V direct current overhead.

One of Keisei's roles is airport access transportation from downtown Tokyo to New Tokyo International Airport (Narita). Currently, the third generation Skyliner, the EMU AE series, is commissioned as an airport access train. It is also known as a flagship model of the Keisei rolling stock.

Before the emergence of the present Skyliner, the second generation Skyliner, the EMU AE100 series had been operated between Ueno and Narita Airport. The AE100 series was launched in 1990 to replace an old model, the first generation Skyliner. A total of 7 sets, 56 units, have been manufactured so far by Nippon Sharyo and Tokyo Sharyo. I like the retractable lights on the front of this model. It is still very cool and new.

After retirement from its role as the airport access train, the AE100 series has been surviving as a limited express train called City Liner operated between Ueno and Narita (city). The operation frequency has been decreasing with time. Currently, only one round trip is seen on weekends. Five sets have already been scrapped.

The AE100 series is not going to be operated for very long and will disappear from the track soon. Please ride it now or never!

Closed state of the retractable lights, EMU Keisei AE100 series, "City Liner"