Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tsudoi: Leisure Train on the Toba-Shima Line

EMU Kintetsu 2013 series, Tsudoi, passes through Kaminogou Station
Along with luxury limited express trains, Kintetsu also focuses on leisure trains for young families. The EMU 2013 series, called Tsudoi (gathering), is a typical example.

Tsudoi was originally a commuter train, the EMU 2000 series, operated on the Nagoya Line. Kintetsu renovated this 3-car train (Mo2014-Mo2013-Ku2107) in 2013, and launched it as a leisure train on the Toba-Shima Line. Currently, it is operated every weekend; 2-round trips in a day between Iseshi and Kashikojima stations (38.3 km). The route is mostly double track with 1,500 V DC electric systems. The travel time is just one hour.

Tsudoi has a playroom for kids and a view room for adults in the cars. It is similar to that of JR East's Yamadori, but Tsudoi is clearly Yamadori's superior in passenger services. For instance, Tsudoi has a special confectionery shop in the train. Kids can buy all kinds of candies for only 20 yen each, which is a cool price for kids. On the other hand, fathers can enjoy drinking beer, as Tsudoi has a bar with a beer server. It is a good service, but don't drink too much! Don't forget to take care of your kids!

To ride this joyful leisure train, you just pay an additional 300 yen (150 yen for a kid) and book your seat. Enjoying the ample interior facilities and the beautiful coast scenery, Tsudoi will take you to Kashikojima, the gate station of the Shima marine resort.

EMU Kintetsu 2013 series, Tsudoi, arrives at Iseshi Station
Official information about Kintetsu's leisure train, Tsudoi (in Japanese):