Monday, 3 February 2014

Winter Colors of Redwood Forest

EMU Keisei 3500 series stands at Kanamahi Terminal on the Kanamachi Line
Redwood, also known as Sequoia, is a tall tree mainly seen in North America. It is said that the average height is 80m. The life-span of the tree is long, between 400 and 1300 years.

Where can we see Redwoods in Tokyo? One of the reputable redwood forests is located in Mizumoto Park in Katsushika Ward, about 15km northeast of the downtown area. A total of 1,900 trees are planted adjacent to the central plaza of the park.

Redwood is a broad-leaf tree, which means that the leaves turn red in autumn and winter. I saw a very beautiful "red colored Redwood forest" in Mizumoto Park last December. It was glowing backed by the winter blue sky. According to the guide-board in the park, they were planted in 1971, and have grown to a height of 20 meters.

To get to this precious forest, take the Keisei-Kanamachi Line and get off at Kanamachi Terminal. Keisei-Kanamachi Line is a short local route between Keisei-Takasago and Kanamachi. There are only 3 stations over a total operating length of 2.5km. It was opened in 1899 as a handcar railway. It was electrified in 1913 as a part of the Keisei Electric Railway of today, but it is still a single track local line.

Along with the 3300 series, the main fleet is the EMU 3500 series on the Kanamachi Line. It was launched in 1972 to increase the commuter transportation capacity. A total of 24 sets, 96 units have been manufactured so far. Its two large front windows are my favorite.
"Winter colors" of Redwood forest in Mizumoto Park near Kanamachi Station