Sunday, 23 March 2014

EMU 7300 Series: New Model on the Yurikamome Line

EMU Yurikamome 7300 series leaves Ariake-tennis-no-mori Station
On January 18th, 2014, Yurikamome launched a brand new train, EMU 7300 series on their track.

Yurikamome is an automated guide way transit (AGT) system in the Tokyo Bay area. The route was opened between Shimbashi, a subcenter of Tokyo, and Ariake in the Tokyo Bay area in 1995. It was later extended to Toyosu, a newly developed waterfront residential quarter in 2006. The current total operating length is 14.7km.

The EMU 7300 series is a small-sized driverless train with rubber-tires instead of steel bogies, which is same as the existing 7000 and 7200 series. One set is composed of 6 units, and all trains are operated automatically without drivers. So, the passengers can enjoy the view ahead sitting on the "rail fan's seat" at the end of the train.

Major differences between the 7300 and 7000 series are the interior of the train and doors. Long seats are equipped on the 7300 series to increase passenger capacity; meanwhile, the 7000 series has cross seats. Double doors are equipped on the 7300 series to save passengers' boarding and alighting time; meanwhile, the 7000 series has single swing doors. The running performance of the 7300 series is almost the same as that of the existing 7000 series.

The body design of the 7300 series is futuristic. The black face with a white octagonal frame is vivid, set off against the blue sky. The 7300 series will replace the old 7000 series gradually. Yurikamome plans to introduce a total of 18 sets, 108 units by 2016.

Interior design of the EMU 7300 series
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