Friday, 21 March 2014

Nostalgic Depot on the Kominato Railway

Diesel rail car, Kominato KiHa 200 series stands at Goi Teminal
Today, most of railways in the Tokyo metropolitan area are modernized. They are elevated double-double tracks, underground tracks constructed below the state highways and so on.

I know that it is true; but, not all railways that are seen in the Tokyo metropolitan area are modern. Kominato Railway in Chiba Prefecture, some 80km east of Tokyo, still keeps a feeling of nostalgia.

Kominato is a part of the trans-peninsula railway, which connects Goi on the west coast and Ohara on the east coast of the peninsula. This railway forms the western part of the trans-peninsula railway that was opened in 1925. There are 18 stations over a total operating length of 39.1km. The route is single track and non-electrified.

Kominato Railway has a depot in the vicinity of Goi Terminal. It is very nostalgic and just my cup of tea. The two main buildings have delta roofs. They are similar to those of factories and storage facilities that I saw here and there in my childhood.

When I visited there last month, several diesel rail cars were giving their bodies a chance to rest. They are two-toned classic rail cars, KiHa 200 series, which is the only model being operated on the Kominato Railway. A total of 14 units were manufactured between 1961 and 1977 by Nippon Sharyo. They are rather old, but they are still in good condition.

Kominato Railway always attracts reminiscent rail fans like me.

Diesel rail cars KiHa 200 series are seen in Goi Depot on the Kominato Railway
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