Tuesday, 19 May 2015

East i: JR East's High Speed Inspector

JR East's high speed inspection train, EMU E926 series "East i", arrives at Tokyo Station

I am going to show you a very rare train today. It is an electric and track inspection EMU, E926 series called "East i" on the JR East's shinkansen tracks.

The E926 series was launched in 2002 to replace an old inspection train, the 925 series. Only one set, 7 units (including one spare unit), was manufactured by Tokyu Sharyo. The mission of the E926 series is to inspect tracks, signals, telecommunication and electric power systems. The body is designed according to the E3 series.

One of the features of this inspection train is its high speed. The E926 series is able to be operated with a maximum speed of 275 km/hour during the inspection. The data is immediately analyzed and used for the maintenance of tracks.

JR East does not release the timetable of the E926 series, so, it is difficult to see and take pictures of this inspection train. It is said that the operation frequency is once per ten days on average, but it is irregular. In fact, I seldom see the E926 series in Tokyo station yard; even my office is located near the station. It is very lucky if you come across the E926 series during your travels by Shinkansen train.

For your information, JR Central also has an electric and track inspection train called "Dr. Yellow" on the Tokaido Shinkansen. It is also a very rare train. I am going to show it soon.

"East i" logo is seen on the side body of the E926 series