Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wave of Generation Change: The Ginza Line

EMU Tokyo Metro 01 series stands at Shibuya Station on the Ginza Line

Following the Chuo Main Line, I am going to show you the other "wave of generation change" in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The Ginza Line is the oldest subway route in Japan. It was partially opened between Ueno and Asakusa (2.2km) in 1927. Then, the entire route, between Shibuya and Asakusa (14.3km), was fully opened in 1934 by Tokyo Subway Company (present Tokyo Metro). The track gauge is 1,435mm and the electric system is 600V DC. The electric collecting system is the third rail without pantographs.

Today, the Ginza Line has grown up to become one of Japan's busiest commuter lines. Trains are operated every 2 minutes in the morning rush hour, every 2 minutes 15 seconds in the evening rush hour and every 3 minutes in the daytime. For that purpose, a total of 40 sets, 240 units of trains are required.

Currently, generation change of the trains is rapidly going on. The new model, the EMU 1000 series, has increased in number; while the old model, the 01 series, has been retired from the Ginza Line. The 01 series was launched in 1984. It is a short (16 m long) 6-car train with yellowish-orange colored stripe. Yellowish-orange is the "line color" of the Ginza Line.

The 01 series is not going to be operated for very long, and will disappear from the Ginza Line by the end of March next year. Please ride the 01 series now or never!

New model, the 1000 series (left) and the old model, the 01 series on the Ginza Line