Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Enoden 300 Series: Retro Train on the Shonan Coast

Set number 305-355 of the EMU Enoden 300 series leaves Inamuragasaki Station
I have introduced the Enoden's retro-looking train, the EMU 10 series and the 20 series. I am going to show you the real retro train, the EMU Enoden 300 series next.

Enoden, Enoshima Electric Railway, is a local tram line connecting Fujisawa and Kamakura cities. Its operating length is only 10km. The 300 series was launched in 1956 as Enoden's first articulated train. A total of 6 sets, 12 units, have been manufactured, but today, only one set, two units, are at work. The only survivor, set number 305-355, was manufactured in 1960 by Toyoko Sharyo. The body was originally from the Keio 2000 series. Its bogies were newly manufactured by Tokyu Sharyo. I'm particularly fond of the large "forehead" and two large rounded front lights.

The 300 series is the most Enoden-like train, because it is often carried on TV dramas and commercials. It has a telegenic appearance. The two-tone body fits the historical street-scape in Kamakura City. It also stands out against the background of the blue Pacific Ocean and the green mountain forest that surrounds the city.

I know that the Enoden on TV is beautiful, but the true beautiful scene on the Enoden is seen in reality. In 1998, a boy suffering from cardiomyopathy visited Enoden's Gokurakuji Rail Yard. He was delighted to drive a train himself with the company's special grace. Four days after the boy fulfilled his life's dream, he passed away quietly.

It is a true story.

Set number 305-355 of the Enoden 300 series runs on the shared track near Koshigoe Station