Thursday, 31 July 2014

Happy Yellow Train on the Keikyu Line

Keikyu's "Happy Yellow Train", 1057F of the EMU 1000 series stands at Shinagawa Station
What is the lucky color in your country? Perhaps, green and yellow are lucky colors for Brazilians. Sky blue and yellow must be for Ukrainians, judging from its national flag. Are red and white Japanese people's lucky colors? I don't necessarily think so. Currently, yellow seems to be a lucky color for Tokyoites.

In Tokyo, it is said that a person who rides a yellow colored train will obtain happiness. I don't know exactly why such kind of a rumor is being spread by Tokyoites, but it's probably because yellow colored trains are rare in this city. In 2011, Toei (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and Tokyu jointly launched a special campaign to boost passenger numbers by using their rare yellow colored rolling stock. These two operators recommended riding yellow colored trains to obtain happiness.

Following Toei and Tokyu, Keikyu launched the "Happy Yellow Train" this year. It is set number 1057F of the EMU 1000 series commuter train. As you may know, Keikyu's corporate color is red. Most of the Keikyu trains are known as red ones; however, the body of Happy Yellow Train is painted yellow, which is similar to those of traditional Seibu trains, such as the 2000N series. Using the Happy Yellow Train, Keikyu is promoting the scenic Miura Peninsula, Tokyo International Airport and so on to passengers. Keikyu recommends Tokyoites ride the Happy Yellow Train to obtain happiness.

I hope that Happy Yellow Train brings about a breath of fresh air to Tokyoites.

EMU Keikyu 1000 series (standard color) arrives at Shinagawa Station