Monday, 4 August 2014

Tokyu 7601F: The Last of the Kabuki Face 7600 Series

Set number 7601F of the EMU Tokyu 7600 series leaves Senzokuike Station on the Ikegami Line
According to several rail fans' websites, Tokyu's old train, set number 7602F of the EMU 7600 series, was transported to Nagatsuta Railyard on July 5th, 2014, being pulled by special vehicles. Although an official announcement from Tokyu has not yet been made, most of the rail fans expect that 7602F will be scrapped soon. If it is true, only one set (7601F) of the 7600 series remains on the tracks of Tokyu lines.

The EMU 7600 series debuted in 1986 as a remodel of the 7200 series. The purpose of the remodeling was to transfer the 7200 series from the Oimachi to the Ikegami Line. For that purpose, the ratio of the motor cars per set was increased from half (MT ratio 1:1) to two-thirds (MT ratio 2:1). As a result, several trailer cars have been modified to motor cars. That was the time of the birth of the 7600 series.

The EMU 7600 series is popular among rail fans. Firstly, the coloring on the "face" is quite unique. They are a combination of black and red stripes. Many rail fans call it "Kabuki face". As you may know, Kabuki is a Japanese traditional performing art. Its stage makeup is very vivid. Secondly, the odd-shaped face is also lovely and attractive.

Tokyu 7601F... it is the last of the Kabuki face trains of the EMU 7600 series on the Tokyu lines.

Set number 7601F arrives at Yukigaya-Ootsuka Station on the Tokyu-Ikegami Line