Saturday, 25 October 2014

Special Poster Train on the Yamanote Line

Special poster train, set Tou-514 of the EMU JR East 231-500 series arrives at Tokyo Station
JR East has launched a special poster train on the Yamanote Line. It has a reddish brown-colored body, while the standard train on the Yamanote Line has a light green-colored body. But what is it for?

As I introduced before, Tokyo Station is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary on 20th of December this year. In commemoration of the anniversary, the special poster train has debuted. Tokyo Station was opened in 1914 as the central railway terminal of Japan's capital city. The Marunouchi Entrance Building was also opened at that time as the main building of Tokyo Station.

Since then, this station has been expanding its scale and functions, while at the same time, renovation work of the Marunouchi building was started in 2007, because it had aged. It cost 50 billion yen (500 million US dollars) and was completed in 2012.

You can see the history of the Tokyo Station on the body of the special train, set number Tou-514 of the EMU 231-500 series. The reddish brown-colored body shows a color of bricks, which were materials for the Marunouchi Building.

JR East also plans many events related to the 100th anniversary such as special nostalgic train operation and an exhibition in the station yard. The official ceremony is scheduled on December 19th, inviting the stationmaster of Amsterdam Central Station (the Netherlands) and the President of Metro North Railroad (the United States). For your information, Amsterdam Central and New York Grand Central are sister stations of Tokyo Terminal.

Close-up photo of the special poster train