Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Kyo-train: The Hospitality of Hankyu Railway

   Set number 6354F of the EMU Hankyu 6300 series, "Kyo-train", stands at Juso Station 
I have never seen this most Osakan of all trains. It is beautifully painted, elegantly designed and luxurious, but no extra fee is needed for boarding. What is it? It is 6354F of the EMU 6300 series, "Kyo-train", of Hankyu Railway.

Hankyu is one of the major private railway companies in Osaka. It operates about a 140-km-long railway network in the Osaka metropolitan area including Kobe and Kyoto cities. The track is 1,435mm gauge and electrified. The electric system is 1,500 V DC overhead.

As is the case with Tokyo, the railway business in the Osaka metropolitan area is competitive. Many companies are fighting to attract passengers. For that purpose, Hankyu recently launched a luxury train to promote passengers to travel to Kyoto. That is the Hankyu's flagship model, "Kyo-train". Kyo-train was originally manufactured as an 8-car train by Alna Koki in the late 1970s. It was renovated and re-launched as a luxury 6-car train in 2011. For your information, the meaning of "Kyo-train" is Kyoto train.

The body of Kyo-train is beautiful and elegant. Its color is called "Hankyu maroon", which is like a chocolate or a dark brown shell of a sweet chestnut. The bodies are also decorated with illustrated gold-colored traditional Japanese fans. More importantly, the interior of the train is very luxurious. Specifically, cars number 4 and 5 have nostalgic box seats, reflecting the image of traditional houses in Kyoto.

Kyo-train... it is the hospitality of Hankyu Railway.

Set number 6354F of the EMU Hankyu 6300 series, "Kyo-train", leaves Juso Station
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