Thursday, 11 December 2014

EMU 225 Series: Rapid Train to the Suburb of Osaka

EMU JR West 225-5000 series stands at Mikunigaoka Station on the Hanwa Line 

The EMU 225 series is the JR West's latest model for rapid service trains in the Osaka metropolitan area. It was launched in 2011 on the Tokaido (the 225-0 series) and Hanwa (the 225-5000 series) lines.

The greatest characteristic of the 225 series is its high level of collision safety. In response to the Amagasaki rail crash, which occurred in 2005, this new model has a special crumple zone to mitigate collision shock to passengers, just in case. The other feature is that all cars have motors, but each car has both driving wheels and non-driving wheels (so-called 0.5M system) to equalize each car's behavior. The specification of the train is modern, being equipped with induction motors and IGBT-VVVF (variable frequency drive) electric control system.

Riding on the 225 series, I visited Daisenryo Tumulus in Sakai City. It is said that this large tomb was constructed in the early 5th century, as the mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku. It is in the shape of a keyhole and is 486 meters long.

Today, it is an off-limits area controlled by the Imperial Household Agency. Visitors are allowed to enter only the gate of the tomb, but I could feel the hugeness of it. Thanks to it being "off-limits", the nature in the tomb has been retained perfectly, even though it is surrounded by a residential area. I could see the beautiful colored leaves along the moat and hear the birds chirping from the forest in the tomb.
Daisenryo Tumulus is located near Mozu Station on the JR West Hanwa Line