Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Nostalgic Nankai Train in Sakai City

EMU Nankai 6300 series leaves Sakai-Higashi Station on the Kohya Line
When I took a trip to Osaka last year, I visited an observation room of Sakai City Office to get a bird's-eye view of huge Daisen Mounded Tomb, which was constructed in the early 5th century. I had expected a clear view similar to that of Goryokaku in Hokkaido, but I was disappointed, as I couldn't see it clearly from a distance.

I snapped out of the disappointment when, instead of a clear view of the ancient tomb, I could find a railway track in view of my eyes. It was the Kohya Line of Nankai Electric Railway. Let's go to see it!

Ten minutes later, I reached the track and came across a nostalgic train, the EMU 6300 series. This train was originally launched in 1970 under its name, the 6100 series. A total of 76 units have been manufactured over 4 years. Renovation of the decrepit 6100 series then started in 1996. Changing bogies and interiors, 48 units of renovated trains have debuted so far under its new name, the 6300 series.

The 6300 series is on my top favorite list. Its specification is rather old, but the shining corrugated stainless steel bodies are nostalgic and definitely my cup of tea. Its wide-set eyes (two rounded front lights) are cute and a forest of box-shaped air-conditioners covering their roofs is spectacular. For your information, Nankai is one of the major private railway companies in the Osaka area.

The dog that trots about finds a bone... I came across my favorite train that day.
View of Daisen Mounded Tomb and Nankai Kohya Line track from Sakai City Office