Saturday, 14 March 2015

Toei 8800 Series: Colorful Trams on the Arakawa Line

Electroc car, number 8801 of the Toei 8800 series leaves Ootsuka-ekimae Stop
If you are tired of the hectic pace of urban life, why don't you ride on a tram to relax? The streetcars travel at a leisurely pace on the track in the downtown Tokyo area. Although a modern railway system has been developed, there are still two traditional tram routes in the Tokyo metropolitan area. One of them is the Tokyu-Setagaya Line and the other is the Toei(Tokyo Metropolitan Government)-Arakawa Line.

The Arakawa Line had been operated as two tram routes, namely Route 27 and 32. They were integrated into one route, the Arakawa Line, in 1974. Connecting Waseda and Minowabashi, its operating length is 12.2 km. The track is 1,372 mm dual-gauge. The electric system is 600V DC overhead.

The electric railcar 8800 series is the newest model on the Arakawa Line. It was launched in 2008 to replace the decrepit 7500 series. A total of 10 units have been manufactured so far by Alna Sharyo. One of the distinct features of the 8800 series is its body colors. They are rose-red (unit number 8801-8805), violet (8806-8807), orange (8808-8809) and yellow (8810). There is only one yellow-colored car (unit number 8808). So, Tokyoites think that a person, who rides a yellow colored tram, will obtain happiness, as it is rare. It is a typical toshi-densetsu (an urban legend), which is rumored by city dwellers.

I am going to show you the rose-red and violet-colored trams this time. They are beautiful and also make me happy.
Electroc car number 8807 of the Toei 8800 series leaves Ohji-ekimae Stop
More information about the electric cars on the Toei-Arakawa Line (in Japanese):